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Philodendron Hastatum Pole

Philodendron Hastatum Pole

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Have you ever googled how to take care of the Philodendron Hastatum and had no luck in finding a complete care guide?
Well, search no more. You have found the perfect one.
If you wish to look after your friend the proper way, read on to reveal this closely guarded secret (wink).
The Philodendron hastatum is a wonderful-looking plant that can make a welcome addition to your indoor space.
Its nickname, the Silver Sword Philodendron, derives from its amazing silvery-blue, almost mirror-like foliage that leaves you breathless.
Due to its arrow/sword-shaped glossy leaves, it has a marvelous appearance.
As the plant grows and matures, the leaves become more arrow-shaped, even triangular, and can reach one meter in height.
This vining Philodendron Hastatum has a thick stem structure and has a climbing growth habit, so if you desire your friend to grow in an attractive formation, get a coco pole, a trellis, or a moss poll so it can reach its full potential.


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